What We Do & Why

The natural ecosystem of the earth is the ultimate supply chain, and nowhere is this more apparent than in its production of food. Every human, every tree, every butterfly must have a renewable supply of food to survive. The same is true for business.

Currently that supply chain is under major threat. According to the United Nations, mismanagement of soil has resulted in a loss of as much as 70% of topsoil worldwide. They go on to predict that at the current rate of loss we may have as little as sixty years—or 100 harvests—left before the terrestrial foundation for feeding the planet is gone.

In addition, as scientists are now telling us, the same practices destroying soil are also having a massive impact on climate change.

To help solve this issue The Carbon Underground focuses on five key areas: Corporate Impact, Education & Training, Policy, Communications, and Adopt-a-Meter.

We are also building a diverse coalition of companies, organizations, schools, and governments to create global climate stability through the widespread conversion of farms and ranches into regenerative enterprises. To see specific activities visit our Initiatives section.

TCU believes that changing the $7 trillion food industry—the world’s biggest—will not come from government mandates, even with a demonstrably positive impact on climate change. But incentivizing change through higher margins, increased food and supply chain security, and the production of healthier foods leading to trillions of dollars in reduced healthcare costs will provide powerful impetus to act. In addition, supporting small businesses, including the 500 million small stakeholder farms in the world, has the potential to stabilize and boost economies around the world. To help in its role as accelerator The Carbon Underground has staff with broad business experience, and food industry experience at virtually every stage, from seeds to consumer packaged goods manufacturing to retailing.

But change rarely happens in silence. Even something as important and beneficial as solving climate change will not happen if people do not know about it. It’s for this reason that The Carbon Underground also counts communications as a core competency. Having staff that has overseen advertising for companies like Honda, American Express, Pepsi and McDonalds gives us critical experience in messages that motivate people to act. Having done environmental communications for global organizations like the United Nations and the Olympics adds important knowledge and depth.