The Carbon Underground launches people-powered initiative to help reverse climate change for just $5 apiece.

The Carbon Underground has launched its first program directly for the public—a simple, inclusive movement-builder called Adopt-A-Meter. This program is a result of the United Nations reporting that more than two billion people on earth are extremely concerned about climate, want to do something to help, but don’t know how one person can impact something this big. Adopt-A-Meter answers that challenge by enabling anyone, anywhere in the world, to adopt a square meter of degraded soil for just five dollars (or four euros, 350 rupees, 34 yuan…). Adopt-A-Meter then grants this money to projects restoring land and drawing down carbon from the atmosphere.  The program has already funded the restoration of millions of meters, and is currently adding a special Women in Farming program that will support female farmers around the planet to transition to regenerative practices that make their farm, and our planet healthier. To learn more, visit

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