The Soil Carbon Initiative, co-developed by TCU, Green America, Danone, Ben & Jerry’s and 150 other stakeholders, expands verifiable standard for regenerative agriculture.

The Soil Carbon Initiative (SCI) was launched more than two years ago by a coalition of companies, farming organizations, and experts in certifications, agriculture, and soil measurement. To date, the SCI has been piloting its outcomes-based approach to help the supply chain measure progress and better deploy elements from funding to farming efforts. Designed to be simple and affordable, the SCI looks at soil carbon, water filtration rates, soil aggregation, and biodiversity above and below the surface. It combines both self-reporting and lab-based verifications.  SCI is currently in or moving into pilot programs with corporate and farming partners in the US and abroad, and is planning to scale during 2021 as these pilots provide critical learning and enable moving into broader based applications. To learn more, visit