Indian leader Navdanya newest partner to TCU’s Adopt-A-Meter program.

As their site says, Navdanya is “an earth centric, women centric, and farmer led movement that strives to protect the planet’s biological and cultural diversity.” Appropriately, they are also TCU’s newest partner in our Adopt-A-Meter program. Lead by Dr. Vandana Shiva (a member of TCU’s Advisory Board) Navdanya is a powerful influence across 22 Indian states in the sovereignty of soil and seeds (in fact, Navdanya means Nine Seeds) supporting farmers to grow healthy, regenerative, “living” food free of chemicals.  Their efforts to help women will now be supported financially by the funds raised by the adoption of meters in our Adopt-A-Meter Women in Farming initiative. To learn more about this initiative, visit , and to learn more about Navdanya visit