Good quality stakeholder engagement is a strategic asset–that is widely accepted and well understood. Our mission is to enable collaboration between responsible companies and individuals and ENGAGE is our first offer in this space.

Our technology-driven tools offer you an easy to use, dynamic and cost effective solution for sharing good practices, generating new ideas and solving tough challenges–together.

Our technology allows you to take control of your sustainable actions and enrich your company’s story.

As an easy-to-understand online sustainability consultant, we help you harness the quiet knowledge and good actions inside your company and turn them into a competitive advantage. We make it easier to understand sustainability by asking the right questions and helping you answer them with guidance and peer examples.

With Verso, you can build your own sustainability profile and use it to spread the word on all the good things your company and your employees do, every day. Sharing things to social media and other channels is as easy as pie.

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