Finca Luna Nueva Lodge

Finca Luna Nueva is both a recreational paradise and a living classroom. We offer a delicious “farm to table” experience of regenerative agriculture, together with miles of hiking trails through rainforests, farmland, and herbal gardens.

Every day at Finca Luna Nueva is a step in the direction of greater soil fertility, healthier food, and a replenished ecosystem. We recognize that mankind hasn’t always been kind to our precious planet, and we need to deal with excess CO2 in the atmosphere, the dramatic loss of topsoil and fertility, floods and droughts, and the collapse of biodiversity. With regenerative agriculture we have a tool to repair the damage. We are at the forefront of this agricultural revolution, teaching regenerative techniques to people from all over the world. And when you take our farm tour you’ll get an introduction into our work and mission.


This is our every-moment focus. Everything we do at Finca Luna Nueva is designed to optimize photosynthesis, draw excess carbon down from the atmosphere, create carbon-rich topsoil, and reverse climate change.


We’ve been farming organically since 1994. Organic farming doesn’t use genetically modified seeds, synthetic pesticides, or chemical fertilizers. It was a good place to start, and we’re proud of our long-standing commitment to organic farming.


Biodynamics is based on the teachings of Rudolph Steiner, the inspired scientist who also founded Waldorf education, the performance art of Eurythmy, and Anthroposophic Medicine. Biodynamic agriculture views the farm as a living organism and farming as a conscious enterprise, and we’re proud to be a Demeter-certified biodynamic farm. Using biodynamic methods, we focus on how all the farm workers, animals, crops, and our ecosystem function together holistically.

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“ Finca Luna Nueva is an expression of my devotion to farming and biodiversity. In a deep sense, it is my life’s work. Here at Luna Nueva we practice “regenerative agriculture,” which means we produce nourishing foods while also regenerating soil and reversing climate change. We are also proud to be certified Biodynamic under the Demeter program, the most exacting system of organic certification.”

Steven Farrell, Founder

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