Costa Rica: Where TCU, Adopt-A-Meter, Thrive Natural Care Cosmetics and female-led groups Co-op Las Amazonas and Coopecuna unite for regenerative and climate resilience.

In a country known for its dedication to protecting Nature, The Carbon Underground’s Adopt-A-Meter program has created a prime example of how companies, farmers, and a commitment to transitioning to regenerative agriculture can help change the world. Our Adopt-A-Meter program offers anyone the opportunity to help reverse climate change for just $5 by adopting a meter of degraded soil. We then grant that money to projects restoring land. Our two core recipients in Costa Rica are Co-op Las Amazonas, a group of women between the ages of 19-62 that grow ingredients for food and cosmetics companies while looking to capture carbon and improve the soil’s biodiversity, and Coopercuna, a female farming coop founded in 2006 that focuses on restoring and maintaining their ecosystems and educating the public about regenerative practices that do so. Thrive Natural Care Cosmetics is a partner to Coopecuna, already supporting their agricultural efforts, and promoting the importance of regenerative in everything they do, and everything they sell. To learn more about Thrive, and see how one company can make a big difference, visit