About Us

The Carbon Underground was founded on two simple realities:

1) There is no solution to climate change that does not include drawing carbon back down from our atmosphere.

2) There is no mechanism with the scale, ability, and immediacy to draw adequate amounts of carbon back down to mitigate climate change other than the restoration of soil.

Change rarely happens in silence. Even something as important and beneficial as solving climate change will not happen if people do not know about it. It will not happen if the stakeholders do not learn the value and benefits of that change, especially ones that go beyond the climate issue like greater food security and economic advancement.

The Carbon Underground counts communications as a core competency. Our team has overseen advertising for companies like Honda, American Express, Pepsi and McDonalds—as well as environmental communications campaigns for global organizations like the United Nations and the Olympics—our expertise is crafting campaigns that motivate people to act.

The Carbon Underground connects the worlds of academia, business, financial markets, government and the general public to avert catastrophic climate change.