Our Mission

The Carbon Underground was created to be the umbrella organization responsible for communicating and educating the world about the power of healthy soil to combat climate change and to facilitate the transition of enough farms and grasslands globally to restore a healthy climate.

“Improved agricultural practices can help mitigate climate change.”  – Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Current studies on the impact of restoring soil health are enormously promising. The Carbon Underground is coordinating a globally inter-connected set of research groups working to demonstrate the game-changing impact of sustainable agriculture and land management as critical tools for sequestering carbon.

Filling the void that currently exists between research and action, The Carbon Underground will educate and engage in five key areas:

1. Corporate Impact

2. Education & Training

3. Conferences

4. Communications

5. Adopt-a-Meter

The Carbon Underground’s online platform under development will provide a dynamic data-sharing home for farmers, governments, NGOs, and scientists to both improve results and proliferate transformation.

Read more from the United Nations about the ability for soil to sequester carbon here.