Introducing The Carbon Underground’s $5 plan to help reverse climate change.

What if the people of the world were to help solve the greatest threat humanity has ever known.

Think for a second what that would do. The people of the world coming together to stop climate change. And succeeding.

It turns out it might be easier than we think. Scientists, for the first time, have identified an actual solution to climate change, and it’s right under our feet.


It’s SOIL. It’s that thin outer layer of the planet that grows our food, holds our water, and can even reverse climate change.

But all of that only happens when our soil is healthy. And today, as a result of industrial agriculture, our soil is either dead or seriously degraded. According to the United Nations we have already lost up to 70% of the planet’s topsoil, and at the rate we’re going we will lose the rest within 60 years.

That’s the bad news.
And the good news.

Restoring our soil is easy, and it can quickly begin to draw that carbon back, and begin the process of reversing climate change.



ADOPT-A METER: TM Here’s how it works.

Adopt a meter of degraded soil for $5 (or local equivalent). The Carbon Underground and our partners will use those funds to restore soil, including its natural ability to draw carbon back down from the atmosphere.

And restoring soil can draw down a lot of carbon. Scientists tell us that a single acre of land can draw tons of carbon back down each year. Imagine what millions of acres can do.



With over 12 billion acres around the world presently used for agriculture, imagine the impact we could have at helping to reverse climate change. And every single ton gives us a little bit more time to reduce emissions and get us to a carbon neutral life.



Anyone can help do it for as little as $5. You can donate online, from your phone, and even when you’re checking out at participating retailers. Soon we hope to add concerts and major league sporting events as places where people will join together to adopt meters and help reverse climate change.

The money will fund projects that draw down carbon by restoring soil on farms and ranches, which also helps our farmers and ranchers. It will also fund third-party experts to measure and verify results, which will be continually updated and reported online.

Nature wants her carbon back. Let’s help her get it.


To Adopt-a-Meter, click here.

To learn more about becoming an Adopt-A-Meter Partner, click here or contact:

Larry Kopald

Randi Fiat

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