TCU announces partnerships with Savory Global and World Tree.

The Carbon Underground is happy to announce two new partnerships designed to implement programs with quantifiable results of sequestration.

The first is with Savory Global, an international organization that has helped more than 10,000 ranches convert to holistic, regenerative practices. Founded by Alan Savory, the science-and-practice-based organization has a proprietary system for cattle grazing that restores land and then helps grow the productivity and profitability of that land. All while drawing down carbon to mitigate the climate crisis.

Under TCU’s new Adopt-A-Meter program, TCU is funding Savory in the restoration of 3000 acres of land, which will result in a yearly drawdown of 5000 tons of carbon. It is expected that this program will grow significantly as the Adopt-A-Meter program generates more crowd-sourced donations to restore land.

Our new partnership with World Tree is even more multi-faceted. World Tree is a for-profit investment vehicle that plants Empress Splendor trees to achieve several objectives. To begin, these trees draw down 11 times more carbon than other hardwood trees do. And because Empress trees are simply cut like grasses they continually grow back, continually drawing down more carbon. In addition, this sustainable hardwood is also much lighter than other types, making manufacturing and transportation more efficient as well. World Tree has already created farms around the world, and the environmental and financial results have attracted investment from funds and individuals alike.

The Carbon Underground and World Tree have already begun a project under Adopt-A-Meter that will eventually draw down 100 tons of carbon per acre per year. We have also agreed in principle to develop agroforestry opportunities, corporate sponsorship elements, and to work on co-development of a Carbon Offset/Inset Program.

Both of these new partnerships exemplify TCU’s mission to find levers that draw down carbon, create greater profitability, and have virtually unlimited opportunity to scale. We look forward to growing both new partnerships, collectively helping to demonstrate the path to a better future.

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