See How a Group of Women in Senegal Regenerated their Land and their Economy

A three-year food security project engaging 4 villages of Podor Region of Northern Senegal – Guédé Chantier, Lahel, Moundouwaye and Diarra, aiming to develop 24 hectares of community land to produce organic food more efficiently, and increase the communities’ resilience and capacity to adapt to the advancing effects of climate change.

The project also aspires to strengthen the communities’ social, economic and ecological competence and build skills in agroforestry, permaculture, food processing and trade. It will directly benefit over 3,000 community members, especially women, by enhancing their agricultural and socio-enterprise knowledge and skills.

Misguided agricultural policies and practices over the decades have turned their fertile soil by the River Senegal into a barren wasteland resembling a lunar landscape. Combining both traditional and modern land-use systems in which trees are managed together with crops and/or animal production systems in agricultural settings. Agroforestry in Podor will also enhance ecosystems by storing carbon, preventing deforestation, increasing biodiversity, protecting water resources and reducing erosion.

Watch the six-minute web documentary on the project here.

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Read the Senegal project factsheet here.

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