Regenerative Earth Summit: Food + Climate + Culture in Boulder, Colorado Nov 6-7

The Regenerative Earth Summit: Food + Climate + Culture is about the ground we walk on and the planet we call home. It is an invitation to the leadership in the organic and natural food industry, the emergent regenerative agriculture movement, the soil carbon sequestration community, agronomists, farmers, ranchers, academics and civic leaders. Together, we can forge a positive revolution in how we work together to bring healthy, nutritious foods to our communities, work collaboratively with earth’s life support systems to sequester carbon and steward the well being of all life.

At the Epicenter is bringing visionary food industry and nonprofit leadership, farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, activists, and academics together to deep dive in a Summit experience designed for the robust flow of ideas, a shared sense of opportunity, and the fostering of collaborative relationships that empower the food industry and its many stakeholders to bring about necessary change to the USA agriculture system by focusing on enhancing the health of soil for carbon draw down.

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