The Carbon Underground presents a Plan to help Reverse Climate Change at Earth’s Call.

It was a typical May weekend in Aspen Colorado, with snow flurries and crisp mountain air.  But what was happening inside a large magical tent and a collection of domed-shaped rooms was anything but typical, as Earth’s Call announced itself to the world.

Earth’s Call, and the Earth’s Call Foundation, are new to the climate scene. With an announced $50 million budget and a partnership with MacArthur affiliate Lever For Change, Earth’s Call produced a weekend highlighted by a major concert sporting a 50 piece orchestra and a myriad of star entertainers singing and performing.

During the big concert TCU Co-Founder and President Larry Kopald presented  an inspiring speech and showcased opportunities to fight climate change to an audience of 1500 inside the tent and millions more worldwide.

“There are a few key words that define the relationship between Earth’s Call and The Carbon Underground,” said Kopald.  “We are both impatient, due to the impending disaster we face from climate change. We’re both focused on outcomes, taking what we know works and replicating and accelerating it.”

And, according to Spike Buckley, Earth’s Call founder, “We are both ego-less.  We talk a lot about not caring where an idea comes from, or who gets credit, but simply supporting things that create the biggest return on mitigating the greatest threat humanity has ever known.”

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