The Carbon Underground introduces plan to help reverse climate change.

The Carbon Underground has just launched the world’s first program that enables anyone to help reverse climate change.  Created in response to a United Nations report that there are billions of people around the world extremely concerned about climate change but frustrated because there was no simple way to help, TCU created a program that allows an individual to fund a specific action for as little as $5.

For that money, or a local equivalent, individuals can adopt a square meter of degraded soil– that is currently contributing to climate change. TCU will use that money to restore soil, rekindling its ability to draw carbon down and using nature to reverse climate change.

We publicly launched the program at Earth’s Call in Aspen, announcing partnerships with World Tree and Savory Global that will result in thousands of tons of carbon being drawn down annually. TCU will soon be announcing additional partnerships, as we are deeply in conversation with companies, professional sports teams, celebrities and others to participate.

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