Carbon Underground Co-Produced Soil Symposium for Leaders in Maryland

Digging Deeper: The Role of Healthy Soil in Maryland’s Agriculture, Water Quality, and Climate Symposium explored how restoring and maintaining the soil health of farms, ranches, natural wetlands and grasslands has significant benefit on production, profitability, and climate.

The Symposium also focused on issues related specifically to protecting the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

The Carbon Underground co-produced the symposium with the Alice Ferguson Foundation with funding being funded by the Town Creek Foundation.

The symposium was held in Miller Senate Office Building in Annapolis on February 20, 2017

Speakers and presenters included:

• The Hon. Joe Bartenfelder, Secretary, Maryland Agriculture Department
• The Hon. Ben Grumbles, Secretary, Maryland Environment Department
• Dr. Terron Hillsman, Maryland State Conservationist, USDA
• Dr. Stephen Apfelbaum, Chairman, Applied Ecological Services
• Dr. Tim LaSalle, Co-founder/Co-director, Regenerative Agriculture Initiative at California State University, Chico
• Dr. Kristine Nichols, Chief Scientist, The Rodale Institute

Topics covered in the Symposium included:

• Efforts being made to restore and improve Maryland soil
• The health of soil in Maryland and around the globe
• The economic impact of soil health
• The relationship between healthy soil and stable climate
• The benefit of healthy soil on water quality

Learn more about the symposium here.

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