June 2014           

At a Greenpeace Board Retreat upon hearing new research about the promise of regenerative farming and ranching to sequester carbon fro the atmosphere, board members Tom Newmark and Larry Kopald decide to form an organization dedicated to solving climate change.


September 2014

The Carbon Underground hosts an inaugural press conference during the People’s March on Climate in New York City at Rodale headquarters where they release a white paper on carbon sequestration and soil restoration.


November 2014           

The Huffington Post publishes an article entitled “Nature Wants Her Carbon Back” written by The Carbon Underground co-founder Larry Kopald.


December 2014            

The Carbon Underground receives its first grant from the Rockefeller Family Foundation.


March 2015           

The Carbon Underground co-founder Tom Newmark leads two panel discussions on the food industry and carbon sequestration at the Natural Products Expo West Convention.


April 2015           

The Carbon Underground co-founder Tom Newmark gives a presentation on regenerative agriculture at the Maharishi University School of Management.


April 2015           

The Carbon Underground creates a strategic alliance with environmental non-profit organization Kiss The Ground to focus efforts on using soil to sequester carbon.


May 2015

The Carbon Underground partners with Finnish technology company Cohu to create a mobile app that allows ordinary citizens to sponsor regenerative farms as a means of drawing down carbon from the atmosphere.


July 2015         

The Carbon Underground & OCA organizes a conference of leaders in the sustainable agriculture movement in Costa Rica that brings together scientists, non-profits, and businesses from 23 nations leading to the formation of a regenerative agriculture consortia called Regeneration International .


July 2015

The Carbon Underground presents to global economic leaders forum in Dallas, TX hosted by Trammel Crow.


July 2015 

The Carbon Underground advises Patagonia to introduce regenerative farming and ranching products into their new Provisions food line in order to help solve climate change.


August 2015

In anticipation of the Pope’s visit to the USA, The Carbon Underground produces a public service announcement featuring Pope Francis and John Paul II honoring the planet as a sign of respect for the divine.


September 2015

The Carbon Underground Founder Larry Kopald speaks at the Climate Rally on the Mall in Washington, DC in conjunction with Pope Francis’ speech to the U.S. Congress.


September 2015

The Carbon Underground presents at x gathering of financial and business leaders in Washington, DC on the economic benefits of regenerative farming.


September 2015 

The Carbon Underground Founder Tom Newmark’s letter to the editor entitled “Saving the Planet” appears in New Yorker Magazine.


October 2015 

The Carbon Underground receives its first Ford Foundation grant.


November 2015        

The Carbon Underground—as part of a coalition of international environmental organizations—counsels the French Ministry of Agriculture to adopt a national policy of soil regeneration—the “4 Per 1000” Initiative—seen by many activists as the most positive development to result out of the Paris Climate Talks.


December 2015

The Carbon Underground Founder Tom Newmark interviewed in environmental news portal EcoWatch.


December 2015          

Patagonia dedicates entire Provisions food division as a platform for spreading regenerative farming and ranching as a solution for climate change.


January 2016           
The Carbon Underground
collaborates with Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard in adding regenerative agriculture to the re-release of New York Times Bestselling autobiography Let My People Go Surfing.


March 2016

The Carbon Underground co-founder Larry Kopald and Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard co-write “Good News on the Drought” op-ed that first appears in the Sacramento Bee.


March 2016           

The Carbon Underground creates several strategic alliances between regenerative farmers, ranchers, food producers and national brands.


July 2016

The Carbon Underground releases short inspirational video “Adopt” in collaboration with global media company Radical.


July 2016

The Carbon Underground launches “Adopt-a-Meter” program allowing donors to regenerate soil on participating farms


August 2016

The Carbon Underground hosts first regenerative farming techniques Train-the-trainer intensive in Costa Rica for 50 participants originating from 10 countries.


October 2016

The Carbon Underground organizes first governmental policy conference on regenerative farming and agriculture involving delegates from non-profits, governmental agencies, and policy-makers.